INTRODUCTION The World Awaits Your Business Evolution, Technology, and Globalization have made it easier than ever for a business/company like yours, regardless of size, to sell goods and services across the globe. Small and Medium-Sized Companies in Ghana are exporting more than ever before. In 2018, Non-Traditional Export (NTE) earnings amounted to US$ 2.813 billion,Read More

Export and import procedures

Exports and Imports in Ghana are controlled by the Exports and Imports Act 1995 (503). Export procedures for purposes of export documentation; exports are classified into two broad categories namely traditional and non-traditional. Traditional exports are gold, diamonds, bauxite, manganese, cocao beans, coffee, timber and electricity. Non-traditional export items include processed forms of the aboveRead More

How to export Non-traditional produce from Ghana

Exports from Ghana can be categorized as traditional and non-traditional. While the county is already well known for its traditional exports like cocoa, timber, electricity, mineral resources etc the demand and market for non-traditional exports such as handicrafts, yams, cashew nuts, canned fish, shea butter, kente cloth, textiles etc continually keeps getting bigger and inRead More

Export procedures of Ghana

Export procedures in Ghana are quite simple and straightforward. First, an exporter needs to have registered his or her business with the Registrar-General’s Department and the Ghana Export Promotion Authority. These different types of registration accord respective registration numbers for business and for export. Export procedures are grouped into two main categories – traditional exportsRead More