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What is  What is is one of the world’s largest marketplace for global trade and the leading provider of online marketing services for importers and exporters. It is the place for buyers and suppliers to find trade opportunities and promote their businesses online. Normally, buyers and sellers will buy and sell in large quantity. is neither a trading company nor a buyer. We are an online business platform, where you can search or post information to find potential business partners. To find out more about Exportafric Group, please visit  Benefits on 

1 Benefits on is the world’s largest marketplace for global trade and leading provider of online marketing services for importers and exporters. It is the platform for buyers and suppliers to find trade opportunities and promote businesses online. If you are a new member on .com, you could: a) Discover products & suppliers; b) Manager orders online; c) Get full Order Protection.  Trade Assurance  1 What is Trade Assurance? Trade Assurance is a free service offered by that’s designed to help create trust between buyers and suppliers. Trade Assurance indicate whether the supplier is registered with the appropriate authorities.  You’re covered if: •       Your products are not shipped on time as per the contract with your supplier •  Your products do not meet the quality standards as per the contract with your supplier               Ordering  1 Search & Contact a Trade Assurance Supplier a) Simply tick the Trade Assurance filter when searching for a product: Supplier Types:    Trade Assurance                 Gold plus Supplier Supplier Location:   All Countries & Regions                 2  Place Your Trade Assurance Order a) Place a Trade Assurance order just like any other order, just make sure the supplier has the Trade Assurance icon. After negotiation, ask your supplier to draft an order for you. The supplier can place an order online or upload a PI. b) You can click “Start Order” on the product details page, or the supplier’s minisite and complete the required fields yourself. Or you can go to “Message Center” to start an order. Product Inspection Service: For better product quality control before shipment, we recommend asking your supplier to include a third-party inspection service in your Trade Assurance order.  Payment  1 Send Initial Payment After checking that your order is correct, you will send your amount to a safe account the supplier would give you. The supplier would not be able to access your money until you received your goods and certified that the goods met standards. You can sign into “Exportafric” to find the order you want to make a payment for.  2 Select Your Payment Method  After placing your order the supplier would get back to you on how payment transaction would take place. Make sure the account information given to your by the supply is a safe account all exporters are using to transact their business      d) After submitting the Trade Assurance order, you can check the inspection status in the order details page. The inspection status can be either “Waiting for inspection”, “Under inspection” or “Inspection finished”. f) If the supplier does not select the pre-shipment inspection service when drafting the Trade Assurance order, buyers can take the initiative to select the initial payment at the time of the pre-shipment inspection service. The inspection fee will be automatically added to the initial payment.  Logistics  1 What about shipping if I buy many products? Shipment is agreed between you and supplier, not by If you buy from different suppliers and want to ship together, we regret to advise it’s not supported. You can only contact each supplier for separated shipment. To know more about shipment, please contact your supplier directly and tell your shipment requirements.  2 How long it takes for me to receive my order? There are two types of order on •               Trade Assurance Order; •               Offline Order (order placed outside with supplier). a) For Trade Assurance order Please sign into your account, go to My Exportafric-Order-All Orders to find the order. Shipment is agreed by you and your supplier, instead of by To get the exact shipment info, please go to the order details page and you will see ‘Shipment terms’ about shipment date. As to how long it travels after shipped, please contact your supplier directly, or you can contact shipping company if you have already got tracking number from your supplier. Generally, it takes about 15 days for air freight to receive goods, 15 days for express delivery (In addition to Post Air Parcel, it takes 60 days), 30 days for land transportation and 45 days for sea transportation. b) For Offline Order please contact your supplier directly about shipment duration.  3 When will I receive my order? You can find the expected delivery time on the order details page. Once the supplier has shipped your order, the delivery information will be updated there. To view the expected delivery time, go to Order-All Orders, find the order and click View More to order detail page.   On order detail page, find Shipment terms, and you can see the expected shipment date. And any logistics updates also show. If you want to know more precise information about your shipment, please contact the supplier. Usually, it needs to take 23 days for airfreight, 45 days for sea transportation, and 60 days for land transportation.  Complete Order  1 Confirm Receipt When the order has been shipped and your balance payment has arrived at your supplier’s account, your order status will change to “Waiting for Delivery Confirmation”. You can then click “Confirm” on the order details page to confirm receipt of your shipment.  2 Leave Feedback for your Supplier When you have confirmed receipt, the order will be complete. You may then leave feedback about the supplier to share your overall experience with other buyers.